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FACE MASKS - ALL SIZES - Plain Colours


REUSABLE WASHABLE FACE MASKS - Also Festival friendly for a fun future. 


  • ADULT LARGE (for adults with larger jaw/nose/wider face)
  • ADULT REGULAR (for ages 12 to adult)
  • CHILD (age around 4 - 11)
  • Baby/ toddler available on request. 
      • Cotton Outer 
      • Poly/Cotton Lining to deter droplets (see studies in my upcoming resource list)
      • Polypropylene Inner (Non Woven, see studies)
      • Nose wire to fit around your nose better.
      • Ear elastic loops - Head ties are available on request - leave a note at checkout
      • 3 sizes, Child (est. age 4 - 11), Adult Regular (fits young teens) & Adult Large (for ol' big head ;) )
      • Open pocket to slip in disposable filters.
      • Ships within 4 days, sometimes sooner.
    Having done at least 40 hours of reading studies on fit, composition, permeability etc, and many hours trialling patterns, I have developed these face masks. There are peer-reviewed scientific studies, published in reputable journals such as The Lancet, Cambridge, New England, & Oxford University Journals, that say masks ARE useful, not as effective as N95 respirator masks. I will be producing a compendium of these studies in upcoming days, when I get time. This will be on my website. Please subscribe to be notified. 
    But please note, these are in no way medically tested for permeability or safety for the COVID 19 / Coronavirus crisis. They do not replace protective gear (PPE). Or Physical Distancing or good hygiene.  I can not give health advice. I am a product designer with a Social Science degree.  So I know how to research, and design patterns, prototypes and manage production.
    So then, as a socially conscious someone who sews, this is what my service looks like. If you are looking at this, I take it that you have done your research of what you need and what is effective. I have chosen fabric composition due to the extensive reading I have done of others’ research and testing.
    My clothing is a VERY high standard of construction. Here, I have made these fiddly items as hard wearing, and effective as I can. I am making them fast and as affordable as I can to get to many people fast. The fit should be good and the materials - good quality. They will look pretty good but fashion is not my concern. Your well-being is.  
    Note: these fit with disposable filters. If I have any PM 2.5 Mask Filters they will be listed as Mask Filters. Unfortunately, they are hard to get and now a little expensive. You can seek to source your own too. 

    Shipping: should be able to post one or two for $4, two to four for $5.50 and then it'll be $9.50 postage for 4-20 masks in one Australia Post pre-paid satchel. 

    Please stay safe and well. By the way, 'Cup Style stands for: What a grand F#ck Up (hope that gives you a dark giggle). 

    * Prints are often half print/ half plain for two main reasons:

    1. Wearing a mask is weird for most. It takes getting used to. I wanted to offer lots of colours/ prints so people will not feel so 'alien' to themselves and the world, so weeks ago, I bought many patterns to cater for different tastes, and trawled through my stash of tight weave cottons. I may have only a small amount of that fabric. I want it to go further. 
    2. I want to STAY HOME! And not shop for fabrics. Over time I will trim down the options and go full print on some. 

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